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Female Qazi Performs Nikaah in Delhi

Marriage solemnized by Women Qazi.

NEW DELHI – In a rare move, a female qazi solemnised the ‘nikaah’ (Muslim wedding) of late President Zakir Husain’s great-grandson here.

Gibran Rehan Rahman and Ursila Ali’s nikaah took place on Friday at the residence of the country’s third President, which was attended by close friends and family.

At the ceremony, qazi Syeda Saiyadain Hameed invoked passages from the Quran as explicated by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad in his Tarjuman ul Quran – the outcome of his 27-year-long rigorous study of the holy scripture.

The nikaah concluded with a call to celebrate the union of the bride and groom as equals in marital, legal and spiritual partnership, by quoting a passage from the Quranic Surah.

The nikaah is performed with three repetitions of ‘Ijab’ (offer) and ‘Qabool’ (acceptance) which is administered by a Qazi to the bride and groom. -IANS

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