Fear of Hate Mobs: MP Muslim Officer Wants to Change His Name

Niyaz Khan

Caravan News

BHOPAL – Extremely concerned over the rising mob lynching incidents in the country, a Muslim bureaucrat in the Kamal Nath government in Madhya Pradesh wants to change his name for remaining safe from ‘violent crowd’.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, senior officer Niyaz Khan, who also describe himself as a novelist, expressed his fear for the safety of the Muslim community in the country.

Opening up about how he has been looking for a new name of himself so he can hide his Muslim identity, Khan said it is a must if he wants to save himself “from the sword of hate”.

“The new name will save me from the violent crowd,” he said.

He mentioned how he can easily get away from hate and violence as his appearance don’t make him look like a typical Muslim – who don an Islamic cap, wear a kurta and have a beard – by telling the crowd a fake name.

He said, however, that is not the case with his brother. “If my brother is wearing traditional clothes and has beard he is in most dangerous situation,” Khan said.

The bureaucrat added that it is better for Muslims to resort to changing their names since no institution is capable of protecting them.

“Since no institution is capable to save us, it is better to switch the name,” he said.

Further, he advised Bollywood actors of his community to find new names for themselves to protect their films. He cited the reason saying that even the films with top actors have started to flop and they should understand why that is happening.

“Bollywood actors of my community should also start finding a new name to protect their movies. Now even the top stars movies have started to flop. They should understand the meaning,” Khan wrote on Twitter.

The officer also made headlines in January when he took to social media saying how he has always felt like an untouchable in his service due to the discriminatory behaviour. “Khan surname hounded me like a ghost,” he said earlier.


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