Farmers Prepare to Intensify Their Movement


Farmers protest against the Centre’s three new contentious farm laws; at the Tikri Border on Jan 9, 2021. (Photo: Bidesh Manna/IANS)

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NEW DELHI – In a bid to reject the Central government’s stubborn attitude over the Farmers’ demand for repeal of three farm laws, farmers burnt copies of the acts at more than 20,000 places all over the country on Wendesday. Hundreds of farmers and supporters assembled with copies of the Acts, raised slogans demanding their repeal and set them on fire.

AIKSCC (All India Kisan Sangarsh Coordination Committee) has appealed to all districts within 300 km of Delhi to mobilize thousands of tractors for the Repulbic Day tractor parade in Delhi. All should assemble at the borders a day before for the parade.

Along with the preparation for Mahila Kisan Diwas program on January 18, Mahapadavs are planned before governors in AP, Telangana, Kerala from January 23 to 25, in Maharashtra from January 24 to 26 and in Odisha on Jan 23.

AIKSCC has said the government has totally failed to justify to the people of the country and to the farmer leaders over last 50 days of intense struggle, how these acts will benefit the farmers of India. Its logic of technology upgradation, capital investments, value addition, growth come to naught with the enactment of these acts which give legal rights to the big corporate companies for this with the added assertion that the government will promote these corporate houses. It is with this logic that the government has allocated Rs 1 lac crores to help private investment, which it is not ready to spend on fulfilling its own responsibility towards the farmers in areas of technology upgradation, capital investments and assured market for value addition. Corporate investors will only do so to make high profit and control natural resources including land and water.

The farme body said that after reading the order of the Supreme Court, it is also clear that the government has falsely accused farmer leaders of not pointing out “even one clause” which is “detrimental to their interests”.

Farmers Unions have in writing and during discussions given full details of the detrimental effects of each and every clause and the collective undermining of the farmers’ rights over markets, their security of land, the expected rise in prices of inputs and services, the expected fall in price of produce, the increase in farmer debts, farmer suicides, the winding up of PDS, the rise in food prices and the rise in starvation deaths, etc. The government has not only failed the farmers, it has also failed in its duty to put correct facts before the highest court of the Country, it said.

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