Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Words Inspire Ali Sethi, Nicholas Jaar’s Ode to Palestine

Ali Sethi and Nicholas Jaar’s rendition is a touching display of support for the oppressed people of Palestine.

THE words of Pakistan’s literary icon Faiz Ahmed Faiz are resonating with singer Ali Sethi and Chilean-American composer Nicholas Jaar, who used his poems to honour the resilience of the Palestinian people.

The blend of the legendary Pakistani poet’s two most renowned pieces — Hum Dekhenge and Aaj Bazar Mein Pa Bajola Chalo — in the rendition is titled Yakjehti Mein, and is a touching display of support for the oppressed people of Palestine, in light of Israel’s recent aggression against the people of the occupied land, writes The News.

Sethi opened up about the track during an interview with Dawn’s Images and how he and Jaar created the soulful rendition of Faiz’s poem—also originally inspired by Israeli occupation, amongst other events.

“Faiz was inspired to write Hum Dekhenge by a number of events which included the Israeli occupation. He was in Beirut in 1979 and had witnessed it firsthand. I told Nicolas this and said that I would be singing a few lines and sending them to him. The next day, he sent me back his version, with a beat added to the words,” Sethi told the outlet.

Commenting on the mix between the two poems, Sethi said: “It was an unorthodox mix of music but Nicolas felt that it went well with my words. The part where the beat paces up sounded to me like a march or a procession, which is why I suggested a second poem by Faiz to be sung to its tune.”



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