Experts Express Concerns over Treatment of Muslims in India at International Justice Conference

Experts are talking on minorities in India.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Justice For All is hosting its first annual International Justice Conference with experts, scholars and activists in the field of human rights, genocide and international law. The conference was broadcast on the newly launched Muslim Network TV as well as Youtube and social media.

Speakers from Amnesty, Save The Children, Refugees Internationals and other international organizations took part in the three day conference.

The main session was held on Friday was moderated by the Chair of Justice for All, Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid and included nadeine Meanza, Congressman Joe Wilson, and Professor Gregory Stanton.

Nadine Maenza, Vice Chair of the Unites States Commission on International Religious Freedoms, showed concern that the persecution because of religious discrimination has been increasing in ways that need popular outcry. She said, “Don’t let atrocities go unspoken. Don’t let them be brushed aside.”.

About the recent release of the USCIRF report, asking for India to be deemed a Country of Particular Concern, she also appealed to Americans, quoting her, “Encourage the US to get involved, it might push India in the right direction.”

Congressman Joe Wilson, who is on the Congressional Foreign Relations committee was also very concerned about India and its slide towards religious persecution of minorities. Recognizing the democratic tradition of India, he expressed a hope for a correction of the hate that has fueled attacks.

Professor Grergory Stanton, founder and Chair of the organization, Genocide Watch, explained that the world needs to recognize the steps that Genocidal pogroms take. Commenting on genocides that have taken place in Rwanda and Myanmar, he said, “You must identify all Stages of Genocide as they are happening in order to stop it. Once it reaches Stage 9, Extermination, it’s too late.”. He recognized India as being in the “Preparation” state, which is just before “Extermination”. Stage 10, which comes after the genocide has already taken place is one of denial by the perpetrator.

“We are honored to convene this important conference during this time. The world is seeing a rise in oppression, despite the pandemic. We have to be vigilant in fighting back with expertise and action,” said Hena Zuberi, the chair of the planning committee and the Director of Justice For All in Washington DC.

Dr Ashok Swain an expert in peace and conflict research stated that international criticism is imperative to curb the “Modi regime”. “Discrimination has been exacerbated in Indian society,” he said.


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