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Exit Polls Predict Big Win For BJP-Led NDA

Most exit polls indicate that PM Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister for third consecutive term. ABP (C-voter), however, has predicted a neck-to-neck fight

NEW DELHI – As the embargo by Election Commission on publication of exit polls, in place since April 19, was lifted today at 6:30 pm after the last phase of Lok Sabha elections, various media groups were prompt to publish their exit polls.

Exit polls are surveys conducted with the voters immediately after they leave polling stations with an aim to predict the election results.Most exit polls have predicted a big win for BJP-led NDA in the Lok Sabha elections 2024, indicating that PM Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister for third consecutive term, Siasat Daily reported.

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The lower house of the Parliament has total 543 seats. 272 seats are required to form government at the Centre. According to Republic Bharat (P Marq), NDA will win 359 seats. India News (D-Dyanamics) has predicted 371 seats for NDA, Republic Bharat (Matrize) have placed the NDA seats between 353 and 368, while TV 5 Telugu exit poll predicts 359 seats for the BJP-led alliance.

NDTV India has projected 365 seats for the BJP-led NDA and 141-161 seats for the opposition INDIA bloc. ABP (C-voter), however, has predicted a neck-to-neck fight between NDA and INDIA bloc in many states. According to ABP (C-voter) exit poll, NDA is likely to win 535-383 seats.

SourceNDAINDIA blocOthers
NDTV India (Jan Ki Baat)36514236
Republic Bharat (P Marq)35915430
India News (D-Dyanamics)37112547
Republic Bharat (Matrize)353-368118-13343-48
TV 5 Telugu35915430
ABP (C-Voter)353-383152-1824-12

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 73, and his party, the BJP, are widely expected to return to power. The Congress, which suffered poll losses and a string of defections, is part of the opposition bloc INDIA taking on the BJP.

In the 2019 polls, the BJP won 303 seats, and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) increased the total to 352. The Congress secured 52 seats, and the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) totaled 91.

This time, the BJP has set a target of 370 seats and, with help from its allies, aims to surpass the 400 mark. There are 543 seats in the Lower House of Parliament, with the majority mark set at 272.

Election results are to be announced on Tuesday, June 4.

Note: Exit poll predictions are mostly inaccurate

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