Ex General Passes off Movie Stills as ‘Pakistani Soldiers’ in Panjshir

Former Army General Wrongly Passes Movie Stills as Soldiers of Pakistan Army in Panjshir

Team Clarion 

NEW DELHI — A retired major general of the Indian Army was ridiculed for peddling misinformation where he passed off the pictures of Pakistani actors draped in military fatigues in a film as soldiers of Pakistan army fighting in Panjshir province in Afghanistan.

Former officer Maj Gen Harsha Kakar used a screenshot showing Pakistani actors in military uniform and said they are soldiers of Pakistan army in Panjshir. tweet.

The fake post came after another retired army officer Maj Gen GD Bakshi claimed in a tweet that the Pakistani army had suffered casualties during fighting in Panjshir.

Bakshi without offering any evidence alleged that Pakistani soldiers were fighting alongside Taliban against resistance forces in Panjshir leading to their casualties.

“Maj Gen Adil Rehmani has come back to organise discreet funerals in [the] dead of night,” wrote Bakshi who is known for his noisy rants on TV channels.

As the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last month and the US and coalition forces withdrew from the war-torn country, the volatile situation has resulted in journalism becoming a casualty and consequently both social media and traditional news media are flooded with disinformation, fake news and propaganda. Mainstream media has also fallen for the disinformation and, shockingly but not surprisingly, sections of Indian mainstream media are at the fore-front to peddle outright lies.

Days ago Republic TV put out a video report claiming they have exclusive footage of Pakistani jets flying and conducting strikes over Panjshir. It was basically a video from a video game.



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