Elections 2019: BJP, Congress Field Maximum Candidates with Criminal Record


Ghazanfar Abbas | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI — Congress and BJP fielded the largest number of candidates with criminal background in the 91 constituencies that went to poll in the first phase of the Lok Sabha election that took place on Thursday (April 11).

An analysis by the electoral reforms group— Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW) revealed that 30 (36%) out of 83 fielded by BJP and 35 (42%) out of 83 candidates fielded by Congress had pending criminal cases against them.

Though a total of 1285 candidates contested in phase one, only 213 (17%) out of 1266 candidates analysed by ADR and NEW on the basis on their affidavits submitted to the Election Commission, have criminal cases pending against them.

Among them 146 (12%) are charged with serious crimes including 12 being declared convicts, 10 have been booked for murder cases, 25 in attempt to murder cases, 4 in kidnapping cases, 16 in crime against women and 12 are facing charges of hate speeches.

Serious crime with party wise data shows 16 (19%) of 83 by BJP, 22 (27%) of 83 by Congress, 4(13%) by BSP, 10 (40%) YSRCP, 2(8%) out of 25 by TDP and 3 (18%) out of 17 were fielded by TRS.

Besides BJP and Congress, party-wise criminal background data shows that 13 (25%) out of 25 by YSR CP, 8 (25%) out of 32 by BSP, 4 (16%) out of 25 from TDP, and 5(25%) out of 25 are from TRS.

More Crorepaties From Congress and BJP 

Among the major national parties, 69(83%) out of 83 from Congress while 65(78%) out of 83 from BJP has declared assets worth over 1 crore followed by BSP which had 15(47%) crorepatis out of the 32 candidates are contesting in phase one. TDP and YSRCP fielded 22(88%) of 25 and 17 (100%) crorepatis.

Shockingly, 526 (42%) candidates who contested elections having studied between standards 5 and 12 as declared in their affidavits, while 619 (49%) contestants are graduates and 66 are illiterate.

The first phase of the elections was held in 18 states and 2 union territories. Six phases are left to be conducted and final results will be declared on May 23.


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