Election Fever Grips Delhi; Meaningful Silence Prevails in Jamia Nagar, Okhla


Lack of coordination plagues AAP candidate Kuldeep Singh’s campaign in the Muslim-majority segments of the East Delhi constituency.

Mohammad Alamullah | Clarion India

NEW DELHI — As Delhiites make a beeline to polling booths on May 25 in the sixth round of the seven-phase general elections, political fervour in the national capital is slowly reaching a crescendo. But a significant silence resonates in Jamia Nagar, a Muslim-majority area, casting shadows over the electoral landscape.

Kuldeep Singh, representing the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) from the INDIA bloc, finds himself grappling with a dearth of engagement and coordination, hindering his efforts to mobilise support among regional leaders and constituents.

With the culmination of polling, nomination, and withdrawal phases across three Lok Sabha election stages, attention now turns to the intensifying activities in the capital’s seven parliamentary seats. Remarkably, the number of candidates has surged to 164 across these constituencies, a stark contrast to the 23 contenders in the 2019 elections.

The distribution of candidates across constituencies is diverse, with varying numbers vying for victory. Northeast Delhi emerges as a hotspot with 28 candidates, reflecting the diversity of choices available to voters. The keen focus on the Muslim vote bank resonates across parties and political pundits, with particular attention drawn to the unity of Muslim votes in this parliamentary election.

Jamia Nagar, nestled within East Delhi, emerges as a critical constituency with a significant Muslim electorate. However, amidst the burgeoning campaign activities, a noticeable silence pervades the Muslim-majority Okhla segment of the constituency, raising concerns about the mobilisation of voters.

Kuldeep Singh’s campaign, marred by limited engagement and coordination, faces challenges as the election date draws nearer. Despite being endorsed by the INDIA bloc, his outreach efforts remain subdued, marked by only two meetings conducted thus far.

Reflecting on the situation, Asif Muhammad Khan, a former MLA and Congress leader, expressed dismay over the lack of communication from the AAP candidate’s camp. “To date, the candidate of Aam Aadmi Party has not contacted us. We feel neglected despite our significant presence in the constituency,” he said.

Similarly, the absence of key AAP leaders, including Amanatullah Khan, a minister in AAP’s Delhi government, further compounds the challenges faced by the party in galvanising support. The lack of mutual communication between AAP and Congress leaders underscores the need for cohesive efforts to mobilise voters effectively.

Okhla assembly segment is a battleground area, with the INDIA bloc candidate banking on robust support from the community. However, the absence of unified efforts from key leaders, including Amanatullah Khan, Asif Muhammad Khan, and Shoaib Danish, raises concerns about the alliance’s electoral prospects.

Political pundits speculate that while the apparent distance between leaders may be strategic, it could also undermine the unity and effectiveness of Kuldeep Singh’s campaign. With less than two weeks remaining for the voting, bridging the gap between stakeholders becomes imperative to ensure a robust voter turnout and consolidate support in crucial constituencies like Jamia Nagar and Okhla assembly segments.

As election activities intensify in Delhi, the need for cohesive efforts and effective communication cannot be overstated. The significance of engaging regional leaders and mobilising constituents resonates strongly, particularly in constituencies with diverse demographics and strategic importance. The meaningful silence in Jamia Nagar and the absence of coordinated efforts in Okhla pose formidable challenges for the AAP candidate and the INDIA bloc, necessitating urgent remedial measures to galvanise support and secure electoral success.

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