Elderly Muslim Man Beaten To Death by Neighbours in Bihar Village, Five Arrested


The argument was on throwing of trash and liquor bottles on the way

Zafar Aafaq | Clarion India

NEW DELHI — A group of men and women allegedly beat to death a 65-year-old  Muslim man on Wednesday following an argument in Madhepura distict of Bihar, his family said.

Yogendra Kumar, Superintendent of police Madhepura told Clarion India that a case of murder has been registered against nine people in which five people, including four women have been arrested so far. He, however, added that the police are waiting for post-mortem report to ascertain the cause of death.

A complaint filed by Suber Alam, son of the deceased Mohammad Akbar, says that group of women who live in the house of their neighbour Raja Kumar Bhagat fatally thrashed his father.

The news was first reported by Millat Times news outlet.

The complaint identifies the accused as Raja Bhagat, Ajay Kumar Bhagat, Mansi Devi, Bhola Bhagat, Manoj Kumar Paswan, and a group of women.

The attack is said to have been sparked after Akbar asked the women why they threw trash and bottles of liquor on him while he passes by the house to go to the mosque for prayers.

“They first pushed my father  down and then kicked him so much that he died,” Alam wrote in the complaint. By the time his family and villagers reached the spot the attackers had fled. “We took him to a nearby health centre where doctors declared him dead on arrival.”

The complaint said that Akbar had had arguments with the women in the past as well. “My father would raise objections over the behaviour of these  women as they would consume  alcohol every night. They also indulge in the sale of illicit drugs,” said Alam. “They would quarrel on trivial issues.”

He called them “dabang” (bullies) and said that their house is frequented by strangers.

The complaint demands arrest of all the culprits and prompt action in the matter.


  1. Instead of framing this as a Hindu Muslim issue, we should recognize that it is a normal person vs TRASH issue. In every place there will be trouble makers. These women appear to be trouble makers, for whatever reason. The Muslim man was a good person who was attacked by this TRASH. Thanks to the police for detaining them, and I am hoping for prosecution.


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