‘Eerie Similarity between CAB and Nazi Germany’s Citizenship Law’: Opposition in Rajya Sabha

TMC leader Derek O Brien speaking in the Rajya Sabha

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NEW DELHI – While a discussion is underway on the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, Opposition parties tore into the contentious legislation with TMC leader Derek O Brien saying “There is an eerie similarity between the CAB and the citizenship laws passed in Nazi Germany in 1933-34″.

“The PM (Narendra Modi) and HM (Amit Shah) uses words like ‘vermins’, ‘termites’, ‘cockroaches’ etc to refer migrants, like Nazis used the word ‘rats’ to refer to Jews. A class of persons is thus dehumanized,” he said.

“‘The CAB and NRC are linked. NRC did not work in Assam. The pilot project has not worked. And Home Minister talks about nationwide NRC.

The CAB will be written in golden letters, as said by the PM. But where it will be written?. It will be written on the grave of the father of nation. Not the father of nation of India. But on the grave of Jinnah”.

O Brien appeals to BJD and JD(U) to oppose the CAB. ‘Stand up and be counted on the right side of the history.

Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma on the CAB in the Rajya Sabha 

CAB is an assault on the very foundation of the Constitution of India. It hurts the soul of India. Its divisive, discriminatory. Its against the very preamble of the Constitution which speaks of equality and secularism.

Citizenship Act has been amended several times in the past to give citizenship to migrants. But, none of those amendments were made on the ground of religion. This is the first time a religion-based classification has been made.

India always had the tradition to accepting asylum seekers without any regard for their religion.

Anand Sharma quotes Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago speech. “I am proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted people of all religions”.

Anand Sharma refers to Amit Shah’s statement that CAB is based on BJP’s election manifesto. ‘No party’s manifesto can go against the Constitution. Getting popular support will not make it constitutional’.

Referring to Shah’s statement on nationwide NRC, Anand Sharma asks ‘Will there be nationwide detention centres too?’

Prof Manoj Kumar Jha on the CAB in the Rajya Sabha

India is following Israel model with the CAB. What is morally wrong cannot be constitutionally right. This bill is morally wrong and constitutionally suspect.

A state which persecutes its citizens does not confine persecution to a particular class. In Germany, even Germans who supported Jews got persecuted. So, the classification of the CAB is unreasonable.


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