Echoes of Tabrez’s Brutal Killing in UN; World Body Demands Answers from India on Hate Crimes Against Muslims

Tabrez Ansari

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NEW DELHI – The brutal killing of Tabrez Ansari’s and the continuing hate crimes against Muslims echoed at the United Nations (UN)’s Security Council meet held at the UN headquarters in New York on July 1.

Paul Newmman Kumar Stanisclavas, a representation of Center of Africa Development and Progress (an NGO) of South Africa, which is a non-permanent member of UNSC, has raised the ever increasing cases of mob lynching and hate crimes being inflicted on Indian Muslims and Dalits. He raised the issue during the 17th Meeting, of the 41st Regular Session, that was held before UN’s Human Rights Council. He also cited the incident of a madarsa teacher who was beaten up on a local train in Kolkata over the religious slogan Jai Shri Ram as an increasing hate crimes against Muslims in India.

Ansari, was lynched last month by the Hindutva goons at Dhadkidih village in Kharsawan district while the Madarsa teacher was assaulted on a local train in Kolkata for not chanting Jai Sri Ram.

“In the last five years Muslims in India have seen a rise in hate crimes committed against their community. In the last five years there has been lynching of Muslims and Dalits in India by fanatic Hindu mobs fortisibly for the protection of the holy cow,” said Paul at the UN meeting.

Paul during the few minutes that he had been allotted maintained that he was raising the issue during the session as India is the signatory to ICCPR and ICSCR. He stated that in the last five years there has been a rise in the number of hate crimes being committed against Muslims and Dalits of India. In last couple of months, Indian Muslims have witnessed raise of hate crimes against their community

He said that since April 2017 at least 10 Muslim men have been lynched publicly in India.

He further said “The attacks have contributed to a growing sense of insecurity among Muslims and has intensified religious tension. The recent trend is to make Muslims chant Jai Sri Ram. Ten days ago 24-year-old Tabrez Ansari was beaten for hours until he died in the hands of the Hindu mob in the eastern state of Jharkhand for not chanting Jai Sri Ram. Recently a Muslim teacher was attacked o a train for being Muslim. He was heckled to say Jai Sri Ram, when he refused he was beaten and forced to get off the train.”

He summed his speech by requesting the UN to remind India to follow its Constitution. He stated, “These fanatic Hindu mobs have been allowed to move around with apparent impunity.  The Indian state has remained mute to the cries of the minorities. We urge the UN to intervene and request India to follow the principles laid in its own Constitution.”

During his speech, he even condemned Indian Member of Parliament (MP) Pratap Sarangi for declaring inside the parliament that those who does not chant Hindu slogan Jai Sri Ram should not be allowed to live in India.

Earlier, on June 27, US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) had strongly condemned the lynching of Tabrez in Jharkhand and called on the Narendra Modi government to take concrete actions to prevent such violence and intimidation.

In last three years, Jharkhand alone has witness 18 people being lynched to death. However, since June 2019, instances of Muslims being forced to chant Jai Sri Ram have been on the rise. After the lynching of Tabrez, at least half a dozen similar cases have been reported from various parts of India.


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