Dubai Electronics Trade Jumps 30pc


Dubai-ElectronicsDUBAI, 22 Oct — Dubai’s electronics foreign trade during the first half of this year increased by 30 percent, hitting AED 136 billion, as compared to AED 104 billion for the same period in 2012. According to Dubai Customs, this was the result of a remarkable 32 percent increase in imports to AED 75 billion year on year, up from AED 57 billion, as well as a 28 percent growth in exports and re-exports to AED 61 billion, compared with AED 48 billion last year.

In its latest statistics, Dubai Customs said that Dubai had reinforced its leading position in the global electronics trade by becoming a focal point for major international IT exhibitions, most notably, Gitex IT.

The rapid pace of growth in the electronics trade has made Dubai one of the world’s fastest cities to move into the digital era, consistent with the U.A.E.’s overall drive towards the adoption of the Smart Government Initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Dubai connects major IT and electronics markets throughout diverse regions of the globe through its ports and free zones. With respect to imports, Asian markets top the list, led by China with 47 percent of total imports amounting to AED 35 billion, followed by Vietnam, with a share of 16 percent, or AED 12 billion. Then comes Malaysia at 5 percent, equating to AED 4 billion. Overall, the share of these three countries collectively accounts for 76 percent of the total imports of Dubai, at a value of AED 57 billion.

As far as exports and re-exports are concerned, Saudi Arabia is ranked first with a share of AED 13 billion, followed by Iraq with a total value of AED 7 billion and finally Hong Kong at AED 4 billion. Accordingly, the total share of these markets stands at 39 percent of the total export and re-export value, which is equal to AED 23 billion.

Mobile phones operated by cellular and other wireless networks hold a leading position amongst the emirate’s imports of electronics, with a share of 50 percent, or AED 37 billion, followed by personal computers, with 14 percent, equivalent to AED 10 billion. Then comes satellite receiving equipment with a AED 3 billion share of 5 percent. Overall, the total share of these products account for 68 percent of the total imports, with a value of AED 51 billion.

With regards to export and re-export activities, mobile phones are in pole position with a share of 58 percent, equal to AED 35 billion, followed by personal computers with a share of 12 percent or AED 7 billion, and bringing up the rear is satellite receiving equipment with a 3 percent share, a value of AED 2 billion. Taken as a whole, these products represent 73 percent of the total exports and re-exports, with a value of AED 44 billion.


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