Dubai Chalo: 6.829 million skilled Pakistanis enrol for overseas jobs


Dubai-ChaloBy Farah Jamil

ISLAMABAD, Oct 19 —The Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment (BEOE) has registered 6829765 professional, skilled and semi skilled workers of various cadres for overseas employment from 1971 to July this year, Aaj News reported.

BEOE, an attached department of Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, registered 3217611 workers from Punjab, 546912 from Sindh, 1646973 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwan, 77007 from Balochistan, 412940 from Azad Kashmir, 6648 from Northern Areas and 313581 from Tribal Areas.

According to official data the registered workers included Engineers (43811), Doctors (13126), Nurses (7204), Teachers (10263), Accountants (27143), Managers (30368), Welders (88424), Secretaries/Stenographers (3562), Storekeepers (13641), Agriculturists (230328), Clerks/Typists (78704), Foremen/supervisors (65130), Masons (529762), Carpenters (367922), Electricians (246009), Cooks (100970), Plumbers (123290), Waiters/Bearers (37150), Steel Fixers (239046), Painters (133625), Labourers (2659052), Technicians (280719), Mechanics (182543), Cable Jointers (6277), Drivers (672997), Operators (111179), Tailors (198876), Surveyors (13511), Fitters (65065), Denters
(39376), Comp/Analysts (11359), Designers (2610), Goldsmiths (5796), Pharmacists (989), Riggers (7578), Salesmen (97150), Draftsmen (3349), Blacksmiths (3560), Photographers (734) and Artists (3757) and others (75810).

Talking to APP, Director General BEOE, Habib Ur Rehman Khan informed that the Bureau being, a regulatory body, controls, regulates, facilitates and monitors the emigration process applied by the Overseas Employment Promoters (OEPs), in the private sector which number has raised to 1676.

He said that overseas employment is playing a vital role in reducing the pressure of un-employment at home, besides being a major means of earning foreign exchange in the shape of overseas workers’ remittances.Overseas employment is thus, serving as the mainstay for very feeble national economy, by providing much needed financial outlay for debt servicing, imports bill, alleviation of poverty, development projects and economic activities.



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