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Don’t Hide and Distort Facts on Sino-India Standoff: Congress Asks Govt

Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi. — File photo

NEW DELHI — The Congress has assured the government that it is with the government on the Sino-India standoff in eastern Ladakh but said the government should not hide and distort facts.

Addressing a press conference, party leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi said “we are with you on any issue of national security.”

“Whatever stance you take aggressive or diplomatically we are with you but don’t distort and hide things otherwise questions will arise,” said Singhvi.

Referring to the statements of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh that the Chinese troops have come to the area which they claim to be theirs and they are in large numbers, the Congress slammed the government clarification on it.

The government had clarified that “The Minister was referring to differing perceptions of the LAC and presence of Chinese troops. It is being misinterpreted as if Chinese troops entered the Indian side.”

Singhvi said the “government is joking with the country on the issue of national security and talking of nationalism, the clarification itself is proof that it is either distorting facts or hiding something.”

Another party spokesperson Manish Tewari tweeted on the Defence Minister’s interview and sought clarification.

“Finally Rajnath Singh admits Chinese intrusion as ‘achi khasi sankhya’. Could he please define what ‘achi khasi sankhya’ means? How much of our land beyond the LAC is occupied by Chinese? If LAC is a phantom how much territory occupied beyond Chinese claim line?

“How broad is the intrusion?”


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