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Don’t Fear Circular, Says Karnataka Congress on Guidelines for Animal Slaughter


BENGALURU – The Karnataka government is likely to issue a fresh guideline to make the ‘stunning’ process mandatory for slaughterhouses across the state, sources said on Saturday.

The development comes amid a demand for ban on ‘halal’ meat. ‘Stunning’ is a process where an animal is rendered unconscious while being slaughtered.

Reacting to the development, Karnataka Congress President D.K. Shivakumar told people not to get scared about the circular being issued by the Animal Husbandry Department.

“If anyone troubles you, give us a call, our workers will be sent to the spot,” he said.

“Don’t be scared of handbills distributed by the RSS and BJP activists in this regard. This is our responsibility,” Shivakumar said.

“I am getting calls from farmers from all over the state. They are saying there is no one to buy their chicken, sheep or goat,” he stated.

The BJP has created this situation with political motive, he alleged.

“Since last week, peace in the society has been disturbed with political motive,” Shivakumar said, referring to the ban on Muslim merchants in temples and religious fairs and the issue of halal meat.

“Though the concerned minister is refusing, the circular to make ‘stunning’ compulsory in slaughterhouses has been released by the Animal Husbandry Department of Karnataka government. It instructs police and other officers to ensure animals are cut only after a stunning, which renders them unconscious,” he said.

“I have seen human beings rendered unconscious before they undergo surgeries. But I am coming across the ‘stunning’ process for the first time. In this country, the food habits of people have developed for thousands of years. People should continue with what they are doing, especially our farmers and business community. Don’t destroy Karnataka,” he said.

“Do not snatch away people’s livelihood. Let all communities live unitedly,” Shivakumar said. -IANS

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