Doctors Warn Against Applying Cow Dung on Body for Boosting Immunity

Doctors are warning against the practice of using cow dung in the belief it will ward off Covid-19. — PTI

It can never protect you from coronavirus; instead may cause fungus infection, says Dr. Mona Desai of IMA

Faisal Ahmed Khan | Clarion India

MEDICAL experts have strictly denounced the application of cow dung for boosting immunity against Covid-19 as it might become the cause of fungus infection popularly known as Mucormycosis and Zygomycosis.

Mucormycosis is a serious fungi-induced angio-invasive disease having a high mortality rate. It is linked with mucocutaneous and rhinocerbral infections including septic arthritis, dialysis-associated peritonitis, renal infections, gastritis, and pulmonary infections. This disease is caused by ‘Mucor’ which is black fungi commonly found in decayed plant parts, soil, and fecal matter of herbivore animals.

Recently, it has been noticed that many people in the Indian state of Gujarat resorted to cow-dung therapy to cure Covid patients. Medical experts taking cognizance of the matter strictly warned the people to stay away from this practice as it might lead to the Mucormycosis which was found in the Covid patients with diabetes and having a prolonged stay in ICU.

In Ahmedabad, there is an organisation providing cow-dung therapy for patients. The Chairperson of the Women’s wing of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Dr. Mona Desai who is a senior doctor from the city termed the therapy as ”humbug and inauthentic”. Furthermore, she added that” Cow dung is nothing but body waste. Applying cow dung and urine can never boost immunity or protect you from coronavirus. People should consult doctors and stay away from such therapies. Instead of proving helpful, cow dung would give you other infections, including mucormycosis. Since cow dung also carries several fungi, they may enter the body and infect you. I urge people to be little aware and not put their lives in danger,”

The practice of applying cow dung in houses is most prevalent in rural areas of India. However, applying it to the body as a cure for boosting immunity against coronavirus has recently started. The onslaught of the second wave of Covid in India has marked a large-scale prevalence of black fungus disease mucormycosis.

Furthermore, the treatment of this ailment is expensive and time-consuming. Given this, awareness about the disease and its precaution among the general public is a daunting task for the government. People are strongly urged to adopt modern scientific temperament and debunk primitive practices which don’t have any scientific base.


(The author is a Muscat-based Indian executive who writes on contemporary issues. He is also former Associate of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.)


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