Charge Sheet Against Doctor who Treated Riot Victims Shocks Medical Fraternity

Al Hind Hospital in Mustafaabad in Delhi

Mohd Aasif | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Naming of a doctor in the chargesheet filed by the Delhi Police in a murder case related to the northeast Delhi riots has sent a shockwaves in the medical fraternity. The doctor’s only crime was that he offered emergency treatment to victims of the riots. In the chargesheet, he has been projected as an organiser of a protest whose participants indulged in violence.

Dr M A Anwar, owner of the Al-Hind hospital, finds his name in the chargesheet filed by the Delhi Police in the murder of 20-year-old waiter Dilbar Negi.

Speaking about the impact of the police action on the medical community, Dr Harijit Singh Bhatti, national president of Progressive Medicos and Scientist Forum, said it will have a huge effect on the doctors’ fraternity as of now they would think twice before doing something like that. “We were expecting an award for Dr M A Anwar for his courageous act,” he added.

The Delhi Police move drew a lot of criticism from different quarters. Harsh Mander, a human rights activist and former civil servant, termed the Delhi Police move “unfortunate”. In his opinion, Dr M A Anwar is a courageous and special kind of human being.

“The message is going in multiple ways,” said Mander pointing to a common refrain that whoever speaks against the government will be punished. Mr. Mander has also been named in the chargesheet for the conspiracy of violence.

The riots broke out in northeast Delhi late in February this year. Jafrabad, Gokul Puri, Khajuri Khas, Noor-e-Ilahi, Kardampuri, Shiv Vihar and Mustafabad were among the worst affected areas by communal violence. During the riots, while 53 people were killed, hundreds were injured.

Dr Anwar, as people know him, is not a very popular personality. He is just a physician and opened his doors to all the patients irrespective of religion. Dr Bhatti told Clarion India that Dr Anwar was always busy with his patients and never saw him speaking of politics. “He showed his human values and treated every victim equally and served them for almost a month free of cost. He is being targeted to curtail his fame he got for his good work during riots,” he added.

“I reached New Delhi at around 11 pm on February 24. I was tired, so I had slept off. But I began receiving SOS calls at around 3 or 4 am, and a little later, scores of injured people started walking into my hospital”, said Dr. Anwar during an interview with an online media.

The Indian Express quoted Dr Anwar as saying, “I am aware that my name has been mentioned in the chargesheet. Neither I organised, nor did I participate in the protest because I was always busy. In fact, a few times I told the local police that commuting in the area is a problem due to the protest and it should be cleared out. My name has been dragged in this simply because I treated people in the hospital during the riots. I am being dragged in this case because I showed basic humanity. I am being targeted. These are false allegations.”

Condemning the act Dr. Bhatti tweeted, “Most inhuman act by Delhi Police, Dr Anwar who risked his own life & saved many wounded victims of riots by operating his private clinic free of cost was mentioned in the chargesheet as culprit.I was expecting some honour for him from govt but this is the honour he gets #Shameful”

“With each passing day, the Delhi Police’s pogrom script is targeting more innocent Muslims and Sikhs. Dr MA Anwar, who provided emergency treatment to dozens of riot victims, has now been named as the organiser of a protest that led to violence”, tweeted the Indian American Muslim Council on its twitter handle.

Few days back, a Sikh advocate, D S Bindra, was also named in a chargesheet related to the murder of a police constable Rattan Lal. His crime was that he had sold his flat to run a langar at the anti-CAA/NRC protest sites in Shaheen Bagh and Chand Bagh to feed the protestors.


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