Do You Feel The Climate Change — Badri Raina



Climate  Change

Badri Raina | Caravan Daily


Do you feel the climate change

From assurance to doubt,

From swaggering insouciance

To imminent loss of clout?


You may the winds imprison

For a brief honeymoon

In a tabernacle of lies

To disingenuous tune,


But then the Marut shakes his mane,

And perceives with clarity

The false gods that hold him back

From perfidious reality


Then the wrath of the hurricane

The House of Betrayal  downs,

And swarms of awakened little ones

Trample the tinsel crowns.


Truth is not an Absolute,

But truths are everywhere;

There comes a time when they embrace,

And become one Truth, potent, clear.


Such embrace may now be seen in

Village, town, and street;

I hear a Babylon of lies

Being crushed under a million feet.



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