Good books say God made us all

Equal to the toes;

Yet He gave us differing babbles,

And a plethora of hues.


Liberals who think less of God

Applaud this plural spread,

But God’s own children, the nationalists,

Turn brimstone red


At this chink in the Absolute

That all should not be white,

Speaking one ordained tongue,

Feeding on a common prescribed diet.


Priest and Mullah and Panditji

Manufacture explanations;

But nationalists cannot quite contain

Their uncomprehending frustrations


At God’s reckless spawning of

A diverse universe;

This makes God a democrat—

What on earth is worse?


This may be why the nationalists

Must raise a God-Substitute—

A Numero Uno above, beyond

Parliament and Statute.


And is this why they do not last

Beyond a brutal season;

Proclaiming God, they contradict

The Democracy of His Reason.