Diversity Enriches Society’s Fabric, Asserts Prof. Faizan Mustafa


Eminent jurists and scholars participate in the Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Memorial Lecture on the theme of ‘Managing Diversity under the Constitution of India’

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NEW DELHI – Eminent jurists and scholars participated in the Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Memorial Lecture on the theme of ‘Managing Diversity under the Constitution of India’ here on Thursday. Former Supreme Court judge Justice Aftab Alam presided over the event organised by Ghalib Institute, delivering a poignant address highlighting the late president’s commitment to national unity and development.

Justice Alam underscored Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s dedication to fostering unity, emphasising that unity was not merely a slogan for him but a fundamental prerequisite for the nation’s progress. Reflecting on the Constitution’s recognition of diversity, he praised the foresight of its makers in crafting a document that upholds the rights of all citizens, irrespective of caste, religion, or culture.

Prof. Faizan Mustafa, Vice Chancellor of Chanakya National Law University, challenged the misconception that unity and diversity are mutually exclusive. He elucidated that unity cannot exist without embracing diversity, citing the preamble of the Constitution which guarantees all individuals the right to maintain their identity. Drawing an analogy to a salad plate, he illustrated how diversity enriches the fabric of society while preserving a common identity.

In his welcome address, Ghalib Institute Secretary Prof. Siddiqui Rehman Kidwai emphasised the significance of selecting both the topic and personality for the lecture, aiming to stimulate thoughtful discourse on overlooked subjects. He lauded Prof. Faizan Mustafa’s insightful contributions.

Dr. Idris Ahmed, Director of Ghalib Institute, highlighted the institute’s commitment to enriching the knowledge of future generations through such lectures. He expressed gratitude for Prof. Faizan Mustafa’s enlightening talk, noting its potential to broaden understanding and stimulate further discussion.

The event drew a large gathering of scholars and students, symbolising a collective commitment to intellectual engagement and the exploration of important societal issues.

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