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Display Swords at Home, It’s No Crime: Sri Ram Sena Leader Advises Hindus

KALABUARAGI, KARNATAKA — A fresh controversy has erupted in Karnataka after Sri Ram Sena leader Pramod Muthalik called upon Hindus to display swords at homes, saying it was not a crime to do so.

He made these remarks while addressing a convention of religious leaders at Yadrami in Kalaburagi on Thursday and the comments have gone viral on social media, raising concerns.

“Talwars (sword) should not be kept to attack others, it has to be kept for the protection of the religion and the country,” he maintained.

Muthalik added that if the police come and question for the display, the people should ask them to file cases on Hindu deities Kali, Durga, Hanuman and Ram.

“Hindus used to worship weapons before. Now we are worshipping pens, books and vehicles. Police also worship their guns, they don’t worship documents. Likewise, weapons should be kept at homes and they should be worshipped,” he said.

“Keeping one talwar at home is not a crime. If a talwar is kept at home, no one will dare to exploit Hindu women.” — IANS

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