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Despite SC Directive, BJP Lawmaker T Raja Makes Hate Speeches Again in Maharashtra

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NEW DELHI – Telangana MLA and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader T Raja Singh continues to make hate speeches, incite violence and use derogatory terms for Muslims at a Hindutva event in Maharashtra. This is in total disregard to the Supreme Court directive to the state police to ensure that no hate speeches were made at such events.

While hearing a petition against Hindutva event in Mumbai in February, the Supreme Court had asked the Maharashtra government to allow the event to be held only on the condition that no hate speeches were made.

The latest videos, which went viral on social media, show Singh inciting a huge gathering in Maharashtra to shoot Muslims by calling them “landya” (circumcised), a derogatory term used for the minority community in the state.

“If you want to thrash any landya (Muslim) join Bajrang Dal. I want to ask all youths whether they want to protect the country and the religion and want to make India a Hindu Rashtra. Then, turn on your mobile torch to show your support so that landya of this country and the neighboring country get to know about it,” said Singh addressing a cheering huge gathering.

The videos were uploaded by Hindutva Watch which also urged Maharashtra Police to take action against hate speeches.

Singh further said that their group will not let go anyone who speak against Hindus, slaughter cows and are involved in “Love Jihad.”

Making derogatory and vitriolic statement, Singh went on to say, “Those landya who are involved in ‘Love Jihad’ have their penises half cut. We will cut them entirely”.

He also said that landya traitor should be shot while citing Balasaheb Thackrey’s statement in this regard.

“I will not make arrests and lodge an FIR, I will directly shoot down. If you want to protect the country, you will have to spray cockroaches rather than removing them lovingly,” said Singh.

He also said that we want youth who can gun down those who slaughter cows.

Singh also targeted Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind for providing legal help to Muslim youths who were falsely implicated in flimsy terror cases.

Calling for an economic boycott of Muslims, he asked the audience to purchase goods only from Hindus. Singh also urged the Eknath Shinde government to remove dargahs and graveyards from some places.

Singh is not new to create controversies by making such hate-filled speeches. Recently, he made several such speeches at various places in Maharashtra.

Concerned citizens have made numerous demands seeking action against Singh and such events. However, the police are yet to take action.

Earlier, Singh was put behind bars by Telangana police for making derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He is out on bail on the condition that he does not make hate speeches again.

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