Despite Court Order, Muslim Girl in UP Not Allowed to Go to Parents’ Home



Azra’s brother alleges police siding with Tarun, the man who claims to have married her

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Muslim Parents in UP’s Firozabad is awaiting the return of their daughter even 10 days after a court in Mainpuri ordered her Hindu partner to free her. Tarun, the partner, has claimed to have married Azra but the court, in its order dated February 12, rejected his claim of her custody after Azra told the court she wanted to go to her parents’ home.

“On being asked, the victim (Azra) told the court that she wants to go to her parents. She has mentioned this fact in her application through the judicial officer… The accused has also filed an application for the custody of the victim (Azra) to them. There is no reasonable ground to send the victim to the accused,” said the order.

The court also noted that the girl is an adult and she is able to decide good and bad for herself. Hence, the court ordered that the girl be allowed to go wherever she wants.

Speaking to Clarion India over the phone, Azra’s brother Mohammed Aamil said, “In the Mainpuri court, she told me about her situation. She said Tarun had beaten her up. He tortured her and forced to do things which she did not want to do. Her conversion was done without her signature. Her name was changed. That’s why she told the court that she wants to go to her parents.”

Aamil alleged that the police were siding with Tarun. Instead of handing Azra’s custody to her parents, they took her to an undisclosed location. The police even threatened Aamil to throw him into jail if he insisted on Azra’s custody, he said.

On Monday Aamil went to the Mainpuri court to complain about non-implementation of court order. However, no one was ready to take up his case, Aamil said.

Radha Sharma, the investigative officer (IO) in the case, told Clarion India that the girl was allowed to go with her partner because she told the police that she wanted to go with her partner.

Clarion India could not approach the girl and her partner because their whereabouts are not known.


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