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Desecration of Qur’an by YouTuber Sparks Outrage on Social Media

The man has a Facebook account with the name of ‘Siddharth Chaturvedi’ with the location of residence showing Uttarakhand’s Roorkee.

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – A video of a man, who describes himself as ex-Muslim Sameer, desecrating the Holy Qur’an has gone viral sparking outrage on social media with activists demanding his immediate arrest.

Sameer, who runs a YouTube channel with the same name, can be seen putting a Qur’an copy under his boot, then tearing apart some pages of the holy book and burning it. He made a video of the act and uploaded it on his YouTube channel.

While performing this heinous act, he said: “This is the status of your Qur’an in front me…I’m tearing and burning a copy of your Qur’an. Go and file a case as you want”.

The man has a Facebook account with the name of ‘Siddharth Chaturvedi’ with the location of residence showing Uttarakhand’s Roorkee.

However, Uttarakhand police denied that the man was a resident of Haridwar’s Roorkee and that any sacrilege was committed by anyone in the district.

“The matter is being investigated. Strict legal action will be taken against those who post such videos,” said the Uttarakhand police on X.

Sameer has 208,000 YouTube subscribers, and he mostly uploads Islamophobic videos. The latest offensive clip of a video on the Qur’an has drawn massive outrage.

On Tuesday, a delegation of Muslim activists visited the office of Haridwar’s Superintendent Police to file a complaint against the man. Members of the delegation said that the police asked for three days to probe the matter and identify the accused and its real location. Then, the action will be taken against him.

The complaint filed by social worker Nadim Ali identified the accused man as Sadaqat Ali. “The outrageous act committed by this man is disturbing the communal harmony and peaceful atmosphere by inciting the Muslim community. It appears to be a pre-planned conspiracy,” reads the complaint.

“We request you, sir, that this man is a threat to communal harmony and the country. He is disturbing the peace of the country. Kindly, take strict action against him immediately,” it added. 

Samiullah Khan, an activist based in Mumbai, called on the authorities to take strict action against the hatemongers. Else, it will aggravate the issue.

“Another hate-monger supports burning the Holy Qur’an and putting feet on the Qur’an in India! If this sensitive Islamophobic crime continues, it will only create problems for our authorities, Request @DrSJaishankar to please ensure strict action against both the criminals who insulted the Holy Qur’an!,” he said.

Khan asserted that the elements spreading hatred are a serious problem for our country. They are only creating chaos; their attitude shows their real cheap mentality. “They are enemies of civilization, intellectualism and law & order! Muslims will never tolerate the insult of the Holy Qur’an,” he said.

Shadab Chauhan, a spokesperson of the Peace Party, also asked Uttarakhand police and Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami to take action against the man.

“I request @haridwarpolice to take immediate action against anti-national #exmuslimsameer in the national interest because we as Indian Muslims never compromise with the dignity of Qur’an e Pak at any cost. I hope @pushkardhami will also consider this issue,” posted Chauhan. 

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