Dengue Suspected of Killing Dozens in Uttar Pradesh in Worst Outbreak in Years

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National capital Delhi also reported a number of people falling prey to vector-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria and chikungunya in a rapid surge.

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NEW DELHI — As the monsoon brought heavy rainfall in parts of country this year, the disease caused by mosquitoes breeding in clean and stagnant water like Dengue rose its head and taking its toll.

An outbreak of dengue fever is suspected of killing dozens of people in Uttar Pradesh since the start of September, and authorities have launched a campaign to destroy mosquito breeding grounds.

Dinesh Kumar Premi, the chief medical officer in Firozabad, the most affected district in the state, told Reuters that 58 people, many of them children, had died in his district alone, raising fears that Uttar Pradesh is in the midst of its worst dengue outbreak in years.

“We are taking preventive measures and 95 health camps across the district have been operating in order to contain the spread of this fever,” Premi said.

A government official said on the condition of anonymity that many children may have died as their poor parents first took them to fake medical practitioners, or quacks, before their condition worsened.

While mosquito-borne dengue is the suspected cause of the deadly viral fever outbreak in Uttar Pradesh, it has only been confirmed as the cause of death in three cases, but an audit is underway to determine if it is to blame for more, Ved Vrat Singh, Uttar Pradesh’s top public health officer, said.


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