Democracy Only Solution for Kashmir, Says Kashmiri Filmmaker Sanjay Kak

Sanjay Kak, a well-known activist and filmmaker

Caravan News

HYDERABAD – Complete decimation of democracy in Kashmir by India has turned into a serious problem now which can only be resolved by talking to Kashmiri leadership, said Sanjay Kak, a well-known activist and filmmaker on Sunday in Hyderabad.

Describing the abrogation of Article 370 A and Article 35 A as an ill-conceived move, Kak, who is a Kashmiri Pandit, said that this development has brought about unforeseen miseries to the people living there. It has also turned into a major problem for the government because it had not expected this kind of reaction from the people in Kashmir.

The first move to be taken in Kashmir should be “restoration of democracy” and speaking with the people’s representatives to find out what the Kashmiris really want.

Sanjay Kak, who was delivering the 10th Balagopal Memorial Lecture at Sundarayya Vignana Kendra in Hyderabad’s Bagh Lingampally.

“The lockdown itself is a form of protest. Without a phone and the net, people are unable to communicate even for the most essential things. Health sector is worst hit.

“The silent protest by Kashmiris does not necessarily mean that they are remaining silent. They are worried about their young sons being whisked away by security forces and hence are digging their roads and building barricades at their streets to prevent access to their areas,” Sanjay said.

The effects of India-Israeli security ties were also clearly visible in Kashmir, the film-maker said, citing the use of a large number of drones by security forces in Kashmir. “Also, West Bank’s methods of urban control too are clearly visible now in Kashmir,” he said, adding, “security forces frequently turn even the streets into one-way roads, where access to your own home is provided through strange routes and even those routes are frequently changed.”


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