Democracy — Badri Raina


Badri Raina | Caravan Daily

Democracy has rarely been

The rule of the majority;

Rather, rule by a cohering few

Over the many who disagree.


Thus a thirty one may bloat its chest,

And strut like a Bolshevik,

And a sixty nine disintegrate

Into a floundering Menshevik.


Imagine were the thirty one

To become a thirty five—

How many of the sixty five

Would be fearlessly alive.


Time then for the sixty nine

To cohere their majority,

And make known on the thirty one

Their status as minority.


But that is low-bred common sense,

And common sense is hard to sell

To momentous men intent to carve

Their own special way to hell.


Thus Democracy may still remain

A game where the deck is stacked

In favour of the card-sharp who

Is by the loaded money-bags backed.




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