Delhi Violence: Police Add Activist Harsh Mander’s Name in Charge Sheet


Mohd Aasif | Clarion India

NEW DELHI—Delhi Police has added the name of rights activist Harsh Mander in the chargesheet of North-East Delhi riots. The administration has accused him of inciting the mob for rioting. He was one of the vocal voices during Anti CAA protests and stood against Delhi pogrom.

Accusing Mander the solicitor general of Delhi Police, Tushar Mehta told the court that Mander told people that it is useless to expect from parliament and supreme court. People have to take to the streets for justice. The Chief Justice bench asked Mander to file the reply over the accusations.

While narrating the Mander’s side of the story, his lawyer Dushyant Dave claimed that his [Harsh Mander’s] speech has been placed in a distorted form. Nothing meant for contempt of court was said during the speech. Dave said, “The government is targeting him because he spoke against the ruling party”.

Professor Apoorvanand, in his article published on, quoted Harsh Mander’s speech delivered on the evening of 16 Dec 2019, “What does the future of our country look like? You are the youth of today. What kind of a country would you like to leave behind for your children? Where will this decision be taken? One, it will be on the streets. We are on the streets today. But beyond the streets there is another place where this will be decided. Which is the place where the final decision on this question will be taken? It is in our hearts. In your heart, and in mine. We will have to give an answer. They want to kill our hearts with hate. If we reply with hate, hatred will deepen.”

Harsh Mander was an IAS Officer but he resigned after the Gujarat pogrom of 2002 and started his journey as a social worker. He had filed a petition in Delhi court for FIR Registration against Kapil Mishra and others. Justice Muralidhar, during the hearing of the petition, made Police watch Kapil Mishra’s speech inside the Courtroom. He reprimanded the police for not acting and asked the police to file their reply. The judge was transferred the next day.


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