Delhi Riots: Court Wants to See Police Order on Arrests of Hindu Youths


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NEW DELHI – The Delhi High Court took notice of the controversial order issued by a top-drawer police officer to the heads of the probing officers of the Delhi riot cases asked them to go slow on arresting Hindus, and directed the police to file the copy of the order before the court.

The order was issued to the police department after the family of the riot victims filed a petition in the court demanding quashing of the questionable order. Justice Suresh Kumar Kait’s order came on the plea of Sahil Parvez, whose father was killed near his home, and Mohd Saeed Salmani, whose mother was lynched inside her house by the rioters.

“Clearly under pressure from these efforts, respondent number 4 (Delhi Police) issued an order dated July 8 observing that there was a degree of resentment in the Hindu community against the arrest of certain Hindu persons, and directing investigating officers that they should be careful in the future when making arrests, and that arrests of persons should be made only after discussion of the evidence with special public prosecutors who have been illegally appointed to represent the police in these cases,” the plea was quoted by Indian Express as saying.

The plea stated that “issuance of such orders, and the general manner in which the police are investigating the murders of the family members of the petitioners, is not only in direct violation of the basic principles of criminal law, but also frustrates the process of the criminal justice system”.

“Under the influence of such illegal orders, the investigating officers have refrained from taking full and free action as per law against several individuals, not only in the cases which pertain to the petitioners, but also other cases relating to the carnage that had rendered Northeast Delhi a warzone for several days in February 2020,” the plea stated.

The petitioners through their counsel filed their plea on the basis of the report published in the Indian Express. However, the court said no action could be taken on the basis of the news report unless the authenticity of the order was provided.

“The counsel representing the Delhi Police has sought time to place on record the July 8 order. Let needful be done within two days with an advance copy to the other side,” Justice Kait said.

Earlier, the Indian Express reported that Special CP (Crime & Economic Offences Wing) Praveer Ranjan issued an order to the heads of probing officers saying that the arrest of some Hindu youths from the riot affected areas has created resentment in the community. Hence, ‘due care and precaution’ must be taken while making their arrests.


  1. It is foolish on part of Muslims to approach the court for justice.
    Muslims must unite and explore other avenues to fight for their rights.
    Remember the Babri masjid case decided by the Supreme court where a deity was made a party and the case decided in its favour. So why waste time in courts ?


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