Delhi Riots: Cops Who Forced Injured Muslim Men to Sing National Anthem Identified

From the video of a group of men lying on a Delhi road while seriously injured had gone viral when the anti-Muslim genocide erupted in Delhi.

The viral video of the incident had sparked massive outrage; Faizan, one of the injured men, had died after two days

Team Clarion 

NEW DELHI — It took Delhi Police one and a half years to identify three cops forcing a group of injured Muslims lying down on the road to sing the national anthem during riots in the northeast of the national capital. The video of the act of 24 February 2020 had gone viral which sparked massive outrage and brought a bad name to the police.

Indian Express reported on Thursday that three accused policemen are likely to be subjected to lie-detector test though none of them has been yet arrested.

Faizan, one of the injured boys, passed away two days later on February 26 after police released him from detention. His mother alleged that Faizan died because he was denied treatment by police while in custody.

According to the Indian Express, 100 policemen were interviewed by the special investigation unit of the Crime Branch besides scanning duty charts of the day that incident took place. “Almost after 17 months, police have zeroed in on three policemen, and senior officers have been informed. A lie-detector test will be conducted on them after taking their consent,” the newspaper quoted a senior officer as saying.

In March this year, Delhi Police had informed the court that the cameras of the police station were not working when Faizan was kept in detention there due to “a ‘technical fault’.

The inordinate time that the investigators took to identify the erring policemen is being explained by the fact that the spot where the assault and coercive act took place is surrounded by three to four police stations thus it made it difficult to know which policemen were involved.

“While scanning a video recorded from afar, investigators noticed that one of the personnel was carrying tear smoke munitions (TSM). Whenever any force goes out for deployment, personnel are issued TSM under their name from their units. The investigating officer checked the register of forces from outside the area to verify entries made while issuing TSMs that day. On the basis of the footage and one of the entries, they first identified a personnel posted with the DAP. He was called in for questioning and later his two colleagues were summoned by the SIT to their office in Darya Ganj,” a police officer told Indian Express.

On 28 February 2020 a case into the incident was filed in Bhajanpura police station and it was later transferred to the Crime Branch. Faizan’s mother had petitioned demanding an SIT probe as she termed the Crime Branch investigation “a sham”.

The petition seeks “to place on record all Service and Conduct Rules, Regulations, Office Orders, Memorandums, etc. which prohibit and penalise discrimination, hate speech and targeted action against religious minorities by policemen on duty.”


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