Delhi Police Files Reply to Petition Seeking Compensation for Injuries in Jamia Violence Case

Women students of Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia have emerged as the faces of anti-government protests rocking the country.

Mohd Aasif | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – During the hearing in the Jamia violence case on Tuesday, the Delhi Police filed a reply in the Delhi High Court to a petitioner seeking compensation against the injuries he sustained due to the excess force used by the uniformed men.

The court adjourned the hearing and fixed the next hearing for August 4.

On July 13, the Delhi High Court had asked the Delhi Police to file proper response to the petitions of three student petitioners who had suffered grave injuries due to excess force used by the cops and para-military personnel.

Mohd Mustafa, a post-graduate student of Jamia and one of the victims of the brutal police action, is seeking compensation for his losses.

In his reply, IPS R.P. Meena told the court that the allegations filed by the petitioner were baseless and misleading. The action taken by the police was not ‘excess’ but a step taken in ‘public interest’. The action, he said, was taken to maintain law and order and for preventing the issue from precipitating further.

IPS Meena pleaded with the court to dismiss the petition. “The present petition is bereft of merit, and deserves to be dismissed”, he said in a statement.

On December 15 last, violence broke out during a protest against the discriminating controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Jamia Millia Islamia and its neighbourhood. Reportedly, the police entered the Jamia campus and vandalised the library and used brutal force on the protesters and students.

The police claimed that the library was used by the ‘miscreants’ as a safe-house, where they were re-grouping and planning further action. “Moderate force was used by the respondent only against those who were found involved in rioting”, reads the statement.

Petitioner Mustafa, whose both hands were fractured and was bed-ridden for a month, found the police reply ‘generic’ and denied his involvement in the protest turned into violence and claimed to be sitting inside the library for his studies.

Yet, the statement allegedly claims, “The petitioner was part of the mob which was indulging in unlawful activities, and therefore, he sustained injuries”.

In support of the claims made in the statement, Meena enclosed the opinion of doctors and experts which said that the injuries were caused by blunt force or surface impact which could be sustained from the stone-pelting and by falling on floor while running away in a mob. However, the opinion seems to be vague as the question put up by the police appears to be impregnated and have suggested answers.

“The injuries sustained by the examined persons could be produced by the mild application of force/baton force in order to restrain the mob”, reads the statement quoting the opinion of the doctors.

Mustafa told Clarion India that he was studying in the library on that day preparing for his upcoming examination. “Police rushed into the library and started attacking students. I was brutally attacked and suffered fractures to both my hands. Cops kept hitting in spite of my pleading”, he said.

Expressing his faith in the judiciary, he further added, “There is so much evidence of the police brutality inside the library. I do believe that the judiciary will take cognizance of the matter and justice will be served”.

The police have claimed that the Jamia violence was ‘pre-planned’ and part of ‘larger conspiracy’. Connecting the Jamia violence to the North-East Delhi violence, the police said, “If the same is seen in view of the facts which have come on record during the investigations of North East Delhi riots in the FIRs registered for the said cases (part of the North-East Delhi riots cases), it becomes clear that the violence in Jamia Millia Islamia, blockage of Shaheen Bagh etc. was part of a larger conspiracy”.


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