Delhi HC Judge Highlights Gender Disparity in Legal Profession at ‘Lady Lawyers Day’ Event


NEW DELHI — Delhi High Court judge Justice Pratibha M. Singh on Saturday decried the significant gender disparity prevailing within the legal profession in India.

In her remarks at an event celebrating ‘Lady Lawyers Day’, she noted that despite more than half of law school students being women, only 15 per cent of practicing lawyers are female and attributed this gap to the constraints women face at home.

She raised questions about the low enrollment of women as advocates despite their strong academic performance and called attention to the struggles many women lawyers face in gaining acceptance within matrimony and in pursuing corporate practices post-marriage.

Justice Singh noted that law firms seem to offer better conditions for women, but the challenges persist.

Women lawyers often find it challenging to establish themselves outside major metropolitan areas due to inadequate facilities and lingering negative perceptions.

She said that women in law need to give 120 per cent instead of 100 per cent to prove themselves due to gender biases. However, she stressed that competence and integrity remain key drivers of success in the legal field, transcending stereotypes.

Justice Singh expressed gratitude to the men who paved the way for women in law. She also discussed gender disparity on a global scale and touched upon abortion rights.

Furthermore, she pointed out the importance of showcasing one’s accomplishments and urged women lawyers to be more visible by arguing cases in court. — IANS


Photo: Delhi High Court judge Justice Pratibha M. Singh.


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