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Delhi: Faithful Left to Brave Scorching Sun as Waqf Board Neglects Mosques

The absence of tents in major mosques sparks outcry amid searing temperatures in the national capital

Mohammad Alamullah | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Worshippers in the national capital are enduring sweltering temperatures as the Delhi Waqf Board, responsible for managing mosques in the capital, remains inactive following the expiration of its term. The absence of tents, traditionally erected from March to October to shield the faithful from the sun and heat, has sparked concerns and demands for urgent action.

The Waqf Board’s negligence has particularly affected five major mosques, including the prominent Fatehpuri Mosque, where worshippers gather in large numbers, especially for Friday prayers. Maulana Dr. Mufti Makrram Ahmed, the imam and preacher at Fatehpuri Mosque, voiced his dismay. “After every Friday prayer, we complain about the lack of tents. The situation is dire, and worshippers are suffering,” he said.

Social worker Haji Mohammad Faizan lamented the sorry state of affairs. Administrators and CEOs are showing irresponsibility regarding mosques, he said urging swift reconstitution of the Delhi Waqf Board to address the pressing issue. Similarly, M. Nafees highlighted the adverse impact on worshippers, emphasising, “People had to pray in the sun with great difficulty during Ramadan, and now the scorching heat persists.”

Senior officers of the Delhi Waqf Board must intervene and fulfill their duty toward the community, said Sheikh Aleemuddin Asadi. He also recalled better management under previous administrations, underscoring the urgent need for improvement. “During the time of Amanatullah Khan, tents were well-managed in mosques, but now the condition is very bad,” he remarked.

The absence of essential amenities in mosques underscores the critical need for immediate action to alleviate the suffering of worshippers, particularly amid soaring temperatures in the capital. As demands for accountability grow louder, authorities are urged to swiftly address the issue and ensure the provision of necessary facilities for mosque attendees.

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