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Delhi Congress Protests outside BJP HQ over Demolition Drives

NEW DELHI – Delhi Congress leaders and workers on Sunday staged protests outside the BJP headquarters against demolition drives in the national capital.

The agitating Congress workers, however, were stopped at a barricade erected by the Delhi Police while marching towards the BJP headquarters in DDU Marg.

“BJP-ruled municipal corporations in Delhi are conducting these drives to demolish houses and shops of poor people, and Congress workers will keep protesting till it stops,” said Parvez Alam, Vice-Chairman, Communications, Delhi Congress.

“Under the Street Vendors Protection of Livelihood Act 2013-14 and even after the formation of Town Vending Committee, due to negligence of both the governments, this law could not be implemented in Delhi. Hence the sword hangs on the livelihood of lakhs of street vendors today,” said Anil Bhardwaj, Chairman, Delhi Congress’ Communications Department.

The “bulldozer” drive is going on in several parts of the capital’s BJP-ruled municipal corporations.

The South and the North Municipal Corporations have undertaken anti-encroachment drives in their areas of jurisdiction. -IANS

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