Defying Stereotypes, Delhi Hijabi Girls Shine in CBSE Exams


In contemporary society, hijab-wearing girls are leading in various fields, including academics.

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NEW DELHI – Muslim students in the national capital have excelled in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examination, showcasing remarkable academic achievements. Two hijab-wearing students, Munira Salafi and Waleeha Afaq, secured more than 96% marks in their Class XII exam, proving that traditional attire is no barrier to academic success.

In interviews with ETV India, both the girls emphasised that hijab gives them courage and confidence rather than hindering their progress.

The prevailing assumption that a girl wearing a hijab holds stereotypical views is increasingly being challenged. In contemporary society, hijab-wearing girls are leading in various fields, including academics. Munira and Waleeha are among those who have excelled in exams, achieving outstanding results. Munira secured a remarkable 96.2%, earning the second position in her school, while Waleeha achieved 96%, securing the third position.

Munira maintained that the notion of hijab being a barrier in higher education is narrow-minded. “It is a narrow mindset among people that hijab can create a barrier in higher education. The reality is quite the opposite. Hijab does not create any barrier in any field, whether it is sports or education,” she said. Munira emphasised that one can achieve anything while adhering to the Shariah rules on hijab.

Waleeha aims to become a teacher. “Teachers shape the future of individuals. Teachers enable you to become whatever you aspire to be,” she said.

Their exceptional performance in the CBSE exams not only highlights their achievements but also serves as an inspiration to other students. These results challenge societal stereotypes and demonstrate that hijab is not a hindrance to success but a source of strength and identity.

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