Days After Suing Media Houses For Linking Najeeb With ISIS, Family Gets Shocker From CBI

Fatima Nafees, mother of Najeeb Ahmed, at a protest demonstration at JNU. — File photo

CBI is mentally torturing us rather than investigating the case, says missing JNU student’s mother Fatima Nafees.


NEW DELHI/BADAUN — Just couple of days after suing some media houses for linking their son with terrorist group ISIS, the family of missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmad has got an unexpected shocker from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the federal agency that is probing the post-graduate student’s mysterious disappearance from the university hostel one and half years ago.

On Thursday night, Najeeb’s younger brother got two pictures on his Whatsapp number from CBI’s Investigating Officer and then his mother got a call from the same officer asking her to identify if the youth in the pictures was her son Najeeb. The pictures were actually screenshots – one from Times Now TV channel’s news dated 20th September 2017, and another from a facebook post of one Rajeev Sharma. Both carried image of a bearded youth identified as Najeeb from Kerala. Times Now’s screenshot clearly read: “Kerala’s Najeeb declares his love for the caliphate | ‘Hear broken’ mother puts India first”.

The other screenshot was from Facebook status of a person named Rajeev Sharma who used a politically biased language in the post along with the photo. ““Pehchano isey, arey ye apna Najeeb JNU wala Najeeb !!! Azadi gang ka Najeeb Congress ka dulara, JNU ka honhaar chatra!!! JNU sey direct placement hua hai ISIS mein!!! Syria sey Rahul aur Kejriwal ko Salaam bheja hai” (Recognize this! this is our JNU wala Najeeb!!! Najeeb of Azadi gang, Dude of Congress, Brilliant student of JNU!!! He has got direct placement in ISIS from JNU!!! He has sent Salaam to Rahul and Kejriwal)

Interestingly, the profile of Rajeev Sharma seems to have been deleted now.

Despite the fact that the youth in picture was one Najeeb from Kerala, not the missing JNU student who hailed from Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, the CBI officer Vishal Babbar sent it to Fatima Nafees. This act of the officer has rubbed salt in the wound of the family.

CBI officer sent screenshot of a TV news item to Najeeb Ahmed’s family

Speaking to Caravan Daily, Fatima Nafees said: “Vishal Babbar first sent two pictures on WhatsApp to Haseeb, younger brother of Najeeb and then called on my number asking me to recognize whether the person appeared in the picture that he got from social media is Najeeb.”

“Then I got angry as to how CBI can link my son with ISIS. They are just mentally torturing me rather than investigating the case,” she angrily said.

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Questioning the CBI officer’s intention she said, “How he believed an unauthentic source from social media which is not related to my son? Earlier some news media also made similar fake theories about my son Najeeb and that is why I have filed a case against them.”

On Friday, the officer again called her to know about the blood group of Najeeb. “I told him about it but when I asked him why he needed it, he said it may be required for further investigation,” said the mother.

Earlier this week, she had filed a defamation suit in the Delhi High Court against some media house, including Times Now and Times of India and sought Rs 2.2 crore in damages.

In March last year, Times of India had published a story, with reference to the Delhi Police, claiming that Najeeb was browsing for information on ways to join ISIS on 14 October 2016, a day before he disappeared. Some TV channels also carried the story. The paper had claimed that forensic reports on the examination of Najeeb’s laptop showed his inclination towards joining the terrorist group ISIS. However, the very next day, the Delhi Police went to public rubbishing the news report.

Najeeb’s Mysterious Disappearance From JNU

Najeeb mysteriously disappeared on 15 October 2016, just a day after having been assaulted by some students who were allegedly members of ABVP, a students’ group of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Day after his disappearance, his mother Fatima Nafees had filed an FIR in Vasant Kunj police station, New Delhi. She had named nine students in the FIR. However, after six months of enquiry, Delhi Police and also its SIT which was constituted on the direction of Home Minister Rajnath Singh, could not make any headway in the case. Some reports suggested that the accused were not even interrogated. In May 2017, the Delhi High Court, which was hearing Fatima’s habeas corpus petition for last six months, handed over the case to CBI. In the last 10 months, CBI has also failed to make any breakthrough in the case. During a hearing in October last year, the Delhi High Court had snubbed the CBI for “complete lack of interest” in the case.

JNU Students Condemn CBI Officer’s Action

Students from JNU and various other universities who have been demanding recovery of Najeeb have strongly condemned the CBI Investigating Officer’s Thursday action. Some of them have even linked it to the next hearing due in the High Court on 2nd April.

“One and half year has passed and every time there is court hearing BJP IT cells starts circulating same photo of Najeeb falsely implying he has joined ISIS. This same news is shown by unethical news channels. But this time CBI has crossed all limits. The CBI instead of interrogating the man who sent the screen shot to Najeeb’s brother is asking his mother to identify her son,” wrote Simone Zoya Khan.

Former JNU Students Union leader Rama Naga said: “Does CBI have any shame at all?! A man posted a fake news about Najeeb’s joining ISIS and the CBI instead of interrogating that man, sent the screenshot to Najeeb’s brother and asking his mother to identify her son. Seriously? Dear CBI, are you serious in the investigation at all? Najeeb’s mother has already filed a defamation case on the news but the CBI has no clue about it. One and half year is passed, the CBI has no guts to arrest the criminal ABVP but it’s doing mockery in the name of investigation.”

Another student Shahid Raza Khan commented: “Now the CBI is playing another game to get rid of the Najeeb’s assault and disappearance case. This photo was sent to Najeeb ki Ammi to identify if this is her son Najeeb. Shame on this system.”


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