Cyclone Megh expected to strike parts of KSA, Yemen


JEDDAH: Saudis are waiting anxiously to see the effects of a possible second cyclone that is currently gaining strength in the Indian ocean, which is being called “Cyclone Megh,” just days after “Cyclone Chapala” brought torrential rains to the Kingdom’s south. Arab News reports.

The new cyclone is expected to reach Socotra Island in Yemen in the next 24 hours, making it the first recorded case in which two hurricanes have hit Yemen within just one week. Saudi cyclone

Head of the Meteorology Department and Director of the Center of Excellence for Climate Change Research at King Abdulaziz University, Dr. Mansour Al-Mazroui, told local media that Cyclone Megh comes in the form of a storm that resulted from a weather depression over the Indian Ocean, and which is expected to become stronger during the next 24 hours.

He added that predictions state that a cyclone is forming to the west of the Arabian Sea, and will affect the island of Socotra, before moving west to reach Al-Mukalla and the Aden coast. Its effects will be limited on Somalia.
Al-Mazroui confirmed that the cyclone will affect Yemeni and Saudi territory, bringing heavy rain, adding that this phenomenon is caused by the rising temperatures of the Indian Ocean which coincides with the rising temperatures of the atmosphere.

Regarding the influence of the El Nino phenomenon, he said that studies conducted by the Climate Research Center confirmed that the impact of the phenomenon will be strong this year, and will continue to contribute to the increased rainfall rates in the near future.

Cyclone Megh is expected to hit the Yemeni coast on Sunday, and will cause increased humidity rates and rainfall in Saudi Arabia, as occurred during Cyclone Chapala.


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