Court Order Fails to Address People’s Concerns on CAA: Popular Front

Leaders of the Popular Front of India, at the press conference, said the apex court failed to address the immediate and burning concerns of the nation and its people on the issue.

“Need to carry forward struggle alongside the legal fight”

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KOZHIKODE (Kerala) — Reacting to the Supreme Court order on CAA, the Popular Front of India (PFI) has said the apex court failed to address the immediate and burning concerns of the nation and its people on the issue. The front said it was disappointing that the court did not direct the Centre to suspend the CAA operations till the pronouncement of the final verdict.

Addressing a press conference here, front leaders said the Supreme Court hearing of the petitions filed against the discriminatory Citizenship (Amendment) Act on Wednesday failed to address the serious concerns of the nation. The order given by the apex court was rather procedural in nature and had no bearing on the ultimate fate of the contentious legislation, they said.

“It, however, is disappointing that the court has not ordered the government to suspend the operations of CAA till the pronouncement of a final verdict.”

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They pointed out that ever since the passage of CAB in Parliament, the citizens across the country have restlessly been on the path of agitation and they were overtaken by a fear and anxiety that the law as well as the other steps like the NPR and the NRC would have a devastating effect on their lives.

“The protests sparked by these moves were having a huge impact on the everyday life of the people,” front leaders said and added that millions of people including students, women, children and the elderly who are still agitating in the streets day and night for the past many weeks were expecting urgent relief from judiciary. But they are left to wait for many more weeks for any sort of outcome.

“The approach of Supreme Court as of today has nothing to offer to the ongoing nationwide agitations against CAA-NRC-NPR. In fact, it only necessitates strengthening of the protest in the coming days. The struggle against CAA is nothing less than the struggle of millions of people who face denial of citizenship rights on the basis of religion.”

“This is also the struggle to save the soul of India as a secular democratic republic. It is an ideological war of secular India by peaceful and democratic means against the Hindutva politics of hatred and violence,” the PFI leaders said.

Front functionaries said the situation demanded that the ongoing agitations must continue more resolutely than ever alongside the legal battle in the apex court till the nation is emancipated from the RSS-BJP control. Front leaders OMA Salam (vice chairman), M Muhammad Ali Jinnah (national general secretary), Abdul Wahid Sait (national secretary), and CP Muhammed Basheer (state general secretary) addressed the media.

The “hearing-as-usual” approach is unlikely to inspire confidence at a time when the people are desperately looking for an assurance from the Constitutional authority, the PFI leaders added.


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