Coronavirus: Twitterati Call Out Vilification of Tablighi Jamaat


Clarion India

NEW DELHI—Following the news reports of Nizamuddin Markaz of Tablighi Jamaat being a source of spread of Coronavirus in India, the right-wing trolls have have started a vitriolic  campaign that reeks of Islamophobia. They are holding Tablighi Jamaat responsible for spreading the virus and not following the lockdown rules.

However, the Jamaat has made it clear that they complied with the authorities all the time and did not break any provisions of the law.

The hate campaign is seen as an alibi for the “failure” of the government to tackle the coronavirus pandemic efficiently.

The critics have also lashed out at the campaign and asked the government to initiate legal action against other people including politicians who threw parties despite advisories against doing so.

The Amir of Jamaat E Islami Hind, a prominent Muslim organisation in Country, Syed Sadatullah Husaini called the campaign “shameful” and  demanded an FIR against those officials who failed to act despite repeated request from Markaz adminstration to take steps for their evacuation amidst lockdown.

He also demanded that the government should be held responsible for announcing a lockdown that triggered crises after migrant labourers came out on roads to go home.

He urged that the focus of the narrative should be on the repeated statements of the Ulema  and Muslim leaders appealing public to take safety measures against the pandemic. He also said that the relief effort of the Muslim organisations and volunteers to help the needy facing hardships in the ongoing lockdown  need to be appreciated.

Several liberal voices have also come out and spoken against the hate campaign of the right wing.  They say that the government should have taken steps well in advance to curb the pandemic.

Delhi CM Arvind kejriwal is also facing the heat of the critics after he ordered an FIR against the leaders of Tablighi Markaz. He is being asked how come he is empowered to file an FIR now when he could not do so at the time of last Month’s anti Muslim violence.


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