Congress Slams PM Modi after UGC Directs Universities to Set up Selfie Points


NEW DELHI – The Congress on Saturday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the UGC directed to set up selfie points in all universities, saying he is so insecure in the run-up to Lok Sabha elections that he is leaving no stone unturned to save his “flailing image”.

In a post on X, Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said, “Our selfie-obsessed and self-obsessed PM is so insecure in the run up to Lok Sabha polls that he’s leaving no stone unturned to save his failing image.”

Hitting out at the government, the Congress leader said, “First, it was Army being asked to set up selfie points. Then, he asked IAS officers and other senior govt officials to take out ‘Rath Yatras’. Now, he has directed UGC to set up selfie points in all universities.”

Ramesh alleged that earlier, he hijacked the Chandrayaan-III landing by appearing on the live feed.

“Before that, he pasted his face onto all COVID-19 vaccine certificates. These are only a few examples and it reflects the man’s tremendous insecurities and the sickening sycophancy around him,” he said.

“At the fag end of 10 years, the people of India are frankly sick and tired of this obnoxious level of self-promotion surpassed only by North Korean dictators. The people will give a suitable answer very soon,” the Rajya Sabha MP said.

His remarks came after the University Grant Commission (UGC) on Friday has requested all Delhi colleges to set up selfie points on their respective campuses.

The Ministry of Education has approved the designs for these selfie points.

According to UGC Chairman M. Jagadesh Kumar, this initiative has been taken to create awareness among the youth about India’s achievements in areas such as space exploration, sports excellence, infrastructure development, women-led development etc.

Sustainable rural development, information technology, digital connectivity, and much more can be exhibited through these selfie points, he added.

The UGC said the selfie points will not only serve as a source of pride, but also enlighten every citizen about the transformative initiatives that have propelled India’s growth on the global stage.

A letter on this count was sent on November 15 to the principals of all Delhi colleges (53), requesting them for setting up of selfie points on their respective campuses, Kumar added. -IANS

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