Congress Ridicules PM’s Scheduled Visit to inaugurate Metro Line in Bengaluru


Karnataka Congress said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become quack of inaugurating half-baked projects in the state for gaining mileage in elections.

BENGALURU — Slamming repeated visits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Karnataka Congress on Tuesday said that he has become quack of inaugurating half-baked projects in the state for gaining mileage in elections.

Karnataka in-charge and Congress General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala charged in Bengaluru that CM Bommai-Modi Governments know that the BJP will be decisively defeated in the assembly Polls. They are desperately trying every “publicity stunt” to stay afloat and failing miserably every time.

Are Modi-Bommai Governments putting “Poll Publicity” over the lives of Bengalureans and Public Safety, especially when Metro Construction in Bangalore has already claimed 38 precious lives? Surjewala questioned.

He alleged that “on March 25, PM Modi will inaugurate a Metro Line from Nowhere to Nowhere” in Bengaluru. Once again it is a discontinuous, disjointed and disconnected Metro Line which will cause more problems to Bengalureans, than it will solve.

“The only yield will be a media event of the Prime Minister riding a standalone Metro that is disconnected from the existing Metro Line. It will also gravely endanger public safety.”

PM Modi is, therefore, inaugurating a Metro Line between KR Puram to Whitefield. Needless to say, this is a standalone Metro Line unconnected to the existing Metro network on both sides i.e either on KR Puram Side or on Whitefield Side, he stated.

“On November 22, 2022, PM Modi inaugurated the incomplete Terminal 2 of the Bengaluru International Airport. Till date, it is not fully operational and will be able to see ‘International Flight Operations’ shifting to the Terminal only in 2 years. All domestic airlines will start operations from the Terminal only by May-June 2023.

“PM Modi inaugurated the Shivamogga Airport at a cost of Rs 500 crore on February 27. Till today, there are no operational flights to Shivamogga. He inaugurated the Bangalore-Mysore National Highway. Till date, it is incomplete with missing service roads, missing underpasses/overpasses/light vehicular underpasses/pedestrian underpasses, besides being waterlogged and accident prone,” Surjewala stated. — IANS


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