Comedian Shyam Rangeela Says the Fight is On After Nomination Rejected in Varanasi


Having gained prominence as a comedian and mimicry artist, Rangeela’s foray into politics marks a significant transition.

Mohammad Alamullah | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – The hopes of comedian and YouTuber Shyam Rangeela to electorally challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi may have been dashed after his nomination papers were rejected, but his resolve for a political fight continues.

The rejection of Rangeela’s nomination papers was attributed to his failure to submit the necessary affidavit. Several all-day-long attempts to rectify the situation did not bear fruit.

Rangeela’s secretary, Shailesh, revealed the struggle: “Shyam had been trying with his lawyer since morning to submit the affidavit in the election office, but the administration did not accept it,” he said. The rejection notice was issued late in the evening, culminating in a setback for Rangeela’s aspirations.

Rangeela had garnered political backing from Azad Adhikar Sena, a registered political party. The party’s national president, Amitabh Thakur, announced his support for Rangeela via social media platforms. Thakur emphasised the party’s decision to endorse Rangeela as a move to uphold democracy.

“Azad Adhikar Sena had selected a candidate ‘Main Zinda Hoon’ from the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat. But he was kept in illegal custody at the behest of the administration, due to which he could not file a nomination. Therefore, in these circumstances, our party had decided to support Shyam Rangeela in Varanasi to protect democracy,” stated Thakur.

Rangeela, hailing from Rajasthan, has embarked on his political journey with zeal and determination. His response following the nomination rejection reflected resilience and resolve. He expressed gratitude for the support received and pledged to continue the fight with unwavering dedication.

Having gained prominence as a comedian and mimicry artist, Rangeela’s foray into politics marks a significant transition. His mimicry acts, particularly imitating Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, earned him nationwide recognition and accolades.

Shyam Rangeela, also known as Shyam Sundar, was born on 25 August 1994 in Manaktheri village of Pilibanga tehsil, Hanumangarh district, Rajasthan. Coming from an agricultural background, Rangeela pursued his passion for comedy fighting several challenges. His rise to fame was his participation in ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge,’ where his impersonations garnered widespread acclaim.

Rangeela’s journey from a small village to national recognition exemplifies resilience and determination. Despite the setback in his political aspirations, his resolve to serve the people remains unwavering.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, Rangeela’s journey serves as a testament to the complexities and challenges inherent in the democratic process. While setbacks may arise, it is the resilience and determination of individuals like Rangeela that propel the spirit of democracy forward.

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