Clashes in Sultanpur: Locals Accuse Police of Bias against Muslims


A delegation of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind met District Magistrate Ravish Gupta and urged him to take action against culprits of both communities

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NEW DELHI – Days after communal clashes broke out in the Ibrahimpur village of Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur, a delegation of Muslim leaders met District Magistrate Ravish Gupta to complain against the one-sided actions taken by the local police against Muslims.

On Thursday, the delegation of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, led by Maulana Mehtrul Islam, also demanded strict action against a police official who made provocative remarks against the community.

“Clashes broke out between two groups. But the situation is today that all those who were arrested are from only one community. There is no arrest from another community. People from one community are so terrified that they are detained even if they go out. They are not even able to file an FIR,” said the delegation talking to Gupta.

On 10 October, communal clashes broke out when the Durga Puja procession approached a mosque with music playing loud on DJ. As some people from the mosque asked the processionists to lower the sound of the DJ, they took offense to the request and reacted with rage. This was followed by stone-pelting.

Following the clashes, the police booked 55 people. All those named in the FIR are Muslims. They were charged with attempt to murder and the relevant sections of controversial law Uttar Pradesh Recovery of Damages to Public and Private Property Act, 2020.

The delegation also raised objections to the provocative speeches made by a police officer of Baldi Rai police station. In the speech, the officer can be heard saying he will ground, run a bulldozer on the houses of those who have disturbed the procession. “chun chun ke marunge,” said the officer.

“Because of this speech, the mob attacked again on Muslims. They damaged properties and set shops on FIR. Properties were damaged and torched at different places. Houses and vehicles were torched.The rioting continues unabated. The police force broke into Maulana Sagheer’s house,” said the delegation.

The delegation urged the DM to take action against culprits from both sides. But instead Muslims, who are victims of the violence, are being taken in,” said the delegation.

Meanwhile, Muslim women from the area said that they are facing a lot of difficulties as their men fled homes fearing police witch-hunt.

Who will provide livelihood as their men were forced to flee homes. Pregnant women need treatment. Their children are starving. They are also starving, women of the village said, breaking down in front of the camera.

“We have no men at home. We have no food to eat. We have no vehicle, how will we take a pregnant woman for treatment. I need justice,” said a woman.


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