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Civil Rights Body Sees Deep Malaise in Udaipur Horror

“Violence in our society is fueled by frequent mob lynching, targeted killings, extrajudicial executions, dowry deaths, mass murders, etc,” says Association for Protection of Civil Rights.

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NEW DELHI – While expressing deep anguish over the brutal murder of the Udaipur taior Kanhaiya Lal, the Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) called it a result of “highly polarised and provocative TV debates and news content, rising digital hate and disinformation, hate-filled songs, slogans, and speeches have gripped our nation that has never been imagined”.

Recounting how a tailor was hacked to death by two assailants for simply supporting suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who created a storm through her intemperate remarks against Prophet Muhammad, in a brutal manner in a press release, the APCR said such barbarism should have no place in a civilised world.


Quoting APCR General Secretary Malik Motasim Khan, the release said, “It is quite depressing to note how our society has been overtaken by a tide of violence and hostility and is casting a shadow over our long-lived peace and togetherness. Violence in our society is fueled by frequent mob lynching, targeted killings, extrajudicial executions, dowry deaths, mass murders, etc.”

Khan contended that a society that normalises the culture of impunity for violence only ends up dashing people’s aspirations for justice.

“This crisis,” the release said “has shockingly impacted our collective conscience and as a result our inclusivity and tolerance have been severely lost their relevance and violence seems to have become the viable solution to the problems confronting us. This won’t do any good to us except serving the political interests of a few.”

To successfully address the issue of sectarian violence in the society and restore the faith of the people in the law enforcement agencies, he urges the state act immediately. Every act of violence, no matter who commits it, is unacceptable and unjustifiable. Kanhaiya, along with many others who have been waiting for justice for years, should get what is their due and the rule of law should prevail, he asserts.

Structural reasons

Hence, the APCR, in its release, made an appeal to all state and non-state actors to address the structural reasons for the rise in hatred and violence and collectively uplift the humanity to ensure enduring peace.

The association, while affirming its firm resolve to stand by civil society activists like Mohammad Zubair, Teesta Setalvad, RB Sreekumar and other who have been relentlessly fighting for cause of human rights, said they should not be subjected to state repression. It said such tendency of the government will harm our democracy ns.

 “We fear that if the current situation persists, there won’t be any respite from the spiraling violence any time soon. In our opinion, India urgently needs extensive human rights work to establish accountability for this threat of hatred and violence.” The release concludes on this somber note.

A large number of people came out on the roads to protest against Kanahaiya Lal’s murder in Udaipur.
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