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China Woefully Underprepared for Covid Chaos: Report

China Woefully Underprepared for Covid Chaos: Report
A medical worker prepares medicine for patients at a fever clinic in Kaifu District of Changsha, central China's Hunan Province, Dec. 20, 2022. Fever clinics have been set up in cities including Xi'an and Changsha to provide timely treatment to patients with COVID-19 symptoms. (Xinhua/Chen Zhenhai)

BEIJING —┬áChina is woefully underprepared for the chaos that is inevitably unfolding since the Covid controls were lifted, as seen in other countries, the media reported on Friday.

According to South China Morning Post, Since Beijing’s sudden U-turn on ending the zero-Covid policy more than two weeks ago, “Chinese officials and state media have struggled to put a positive spin on the decision”.

Hospitals in China are overwhelmed with patients after Covid controls were eased for the first time last month, and then earlier this month.

“The reality could not be more starkly different – fever medicine in short supply, hospitals and emergency services swamped, an acute blood shortage in many cities, the death toll soaring among the elderly, and morgues and funeral parlours overwhelmed with bodies,” the report mentioned.

Meanwhile, the country has sent hundreds of healthcare workers, some specialising in critical care, to Beijing to ease the burden.

“However, the fact that outside help is needed in Beijing, which has the top medical resources in the country, highlights how fragile the healthcare system is as it faces an unprecedented Covid-19 wave following the government’s change in pandemic response,” the report added.

Officially, the Beijing government has announced seven deaths since opening up.

However, according to the report, the health authorities say only coronavirus patients who die from respiratory failure, not other chronic illnesses, are counted as Covid-19 deaths.

According to reports 800 million people may get infected in China in months to come, and more than one million people may die. — IANS


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