China Constantly Preparing for War While Govt is Asleep, Says Rahul Gandhi


"China occupied 2 thousand square kilometers of land and martyred 20 Indian soldiers, they are beating our soldiers in Arunachal Pradesh, but the media is silent and not asking a single question," Rahul Gandhi said.

JAIPUR — On completion of 100 days of Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that China is constantly preparing for war while the government is asleep.

“Our government is hiding the information on the preparations of China. The Government of India does not work strategically, it works on an event basis. When it comes to geopolitics, events do not work there. Foreign Minister’s statements keep coming, but he needs to deepen his understanding, said Gandhi while addressing a press conference.

Gandhi in fact speaking in the middle of the conference expressed his surprise saying that no one is asking questions on China. “China occupied 2 thousand square kilometers of land and martyred 20 Indian soldiers, they are beating our soldiers in Arunachal Pradesh, but the media is silent and not asking a single question,” he commented.

However, later on a question raised by the media, he said that the government is asleep as China is preparing for war.

Speaking on factionalism in the party, he said, “There is no dictatorship in our party. There is rhetoric and little discussions keep happening in the Congress, which is a good thing. Not only in Rajasthan, it is practised in other states as well. The general ideology is that if the party people want to speak, they should not be made silent by intimidation.”

When asked under whose leadership will the next elections be held, Rahul Gandhi avoided this question and said this question should be asked to Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge. He’s the President, not me, he added.

On the question of indecision after notice to three leaders on political rebellion, Gandhi said that there is no condition of indecision. It keeps happening in the party.

Rahul Gandhi said that there are many reasons for BJP winning the elections. They have huge money, they threaten people. “We do not do this and we do not have these resources. We don’t have that much money. Another reason why BJP came to power is that they spread hatred, they divide the country.”

He said that BJP’s idea is clear. “The day Congress understands what it is, that day Congress will win every election. The regional party does not have the vision of the country. Regional parties represent caste, class, state.”

Rahul Gandhi said that he has personally benefited a lot from the Yatra. “I got to learn a lot. I also had a little distance from the public, that has ended.”

Gandhi said that a gap has developed between leaders and the public. “I thought that the gap between the public and the leader had to end. This is the gap of pain. The aim of the yatra was also to understand the pain among the public. I have received a lot of love from the public, I cannot explain to you. Our yatra is another way of doing politics. This is Gandhiji’s way and it has received best response in Rajasthan.”

He said that from Kanyakumari to Rajasthan, one thing has been understood from the ground that there is no dearth of our workers, people love the Congress party. — IANS


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