Celebration over Refusal to Represent Muslim Man in Court Condemned



HUBBALLI – The rejoicing of Hindu group activists over no advocate coming forward to represent him and provide surety for bail for Moulvi Wasim Pathan, arrested by Karnataka police in connection with Hubballi violence, has been condemned.

Pathan has been sent to police custody by the Hubballi Fourth JMFC Court for five days.

No advocate filed a ‘wakalat’ for Pathan and no one came forward to provide surety.

Hindu activists celebrated this fact and claimed that it is a good development that no one is coming forward to argue for a person who indulged in anti-national activity, said senior advocate Ashok Anvekar.

Sri Ram Sena founder Pramod Muthalik has also welcomed the development.

Ashraf Ali Bashir Ahmad, hotel industrialist and social activist in Hubballi, told IANS on Saturday that he condemned the celebratory statements over non-representation of Moulvi Wasim Pathan in the court.

“The celebration is totally condemnable. As an Indian citizen he should get legal aid. Presently, he is an accused and the verdict hasn’t come yet. He has the right to get legal assistance,” he said.

“He is not involved in anti-national activity. The violence is a reaction that came after religious sentiments were hurt. However, instigation to violence is wrong and if proved guilty he should be punished. But everyone has the right to get legal assistance,” he added.

“Moulvi Wasim Pathan would get legal assistance. In fact, all accused would get legal aid. Anjuman Islam organisation is providing the legal assistance. Even now, people are getting picked up. The team of lawyers are working. The violence incident was unfortunate, it shouldn’t have happened. Even Moulvi Wasim Pathan was found to be an instigator, he is bound to get legal assistance,” he said.

The police have arrested 126 people in connection with the Hubballi incident.

The violence erupted in Hubballi, known as the ‘Chota Mumbai’ and commercial hub of north Karnataka region, last Saturday evening following an objectionable post which surfaced on social media.

Thousands of people gathered before the police station in Hubballi, indulging in large-scale violence, when police refused to hand over the accused youth to them. -IANS


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