Catholic Union Demands Immediate Release of Stan Swamy Implicated in Bhima Koregao Case

Jesuit Fr Stan Swamy

AICU sees arrest as part of a project to silence dissent against grabbing of natural and forest resources of the Tribals

Clarion India

MANGALORE — The All India Catholic Union (AICU) has called for the immediate release of Jesuit Fr Stan Swamy who was  arrested from his Ranchi residence in a night operation by the National Investigating Agency and is now in prison in Judicial Custody till  October 23,  2020.

The AICU, which speaks for the 1.6 core ordinary Catholics in the country, has expressed its apprehensions that the arrest of the 83-year old frail, old and ailing activist in the midst of the extraordinary situation created by the Corona pandemic, seems part of a project to silence dissent and protest against alienation of the natural and forest resources of the Tribals.

Catholic Union national president Lancy D’Cunha said the ordinary Catholic women and men stood in solidarity with Fr Stan and with the country’s Tribals whose struggles the Jesuit priest had espoused for more than half a century. Every citizen of India who has respect for the constitution and the rights of the poor, the Dalits and the Tribals, makes common cause with these peoples’ movements, said Mr D’Cunha .

The AICU ha also expresses its happiness that the solidarity for Fr Stan has extended far beyond the Christian community and the Tribals, who have agitated on the roads in Ranchi and other places.

Civil society movements in India and abroad  have expressed their concern at the manner Fr. Stan was picked up after several months of harassment, raids, and questionings.


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