London Stabbing: What is the Basis of Police Suspicion?

A man went on a knife rampage through London’s Russell Square fatally stabbing a woman and injuring five others. Police arrested a 19-year-old Norwegian-Somali...

Was Charlie Hebdu a trendsetter in the history of false flag terrorism?

This analysis, partially based on Paul Craig Roberts‘ investigation of the Charlie Hebdu attack in Paris, provides strong evidence of a false flag operation, hidden motives, and the...

How Do Canadians Combat Islamophobia?

How Do Canadians Combat Islamophobia?

Bastille Day Attack: Why Did Police Order Crucial CCTV Footage Deleted?

Tazeen Hasan points to some strange inconsistencies in the investigation into the Bastille Day attack in France. The analysis is based on reports from mainstream...

Orlando Shooting: Who Has the Answers?

The mass shooting in Orlando and the FBI story has once again thrown up more questions than answers like the San Bernardino shooting six months...